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Who hasn’t lain awake at midnight wondering how they were going to afford something they needed? If money is really tight, you might be wondering how you are going to pay the rent next month. Many of us are struggling to make the ends meet and attain financial freedom. The solution lies in the power of saving. The more money you have saved, the more you control your own destiny.

Saving will be done in the form of fixed account formula, M-Fixed. The amount of money will be deposited at a given period of time at a given rates.

Class         Time         Interest      Amt Deposited

  1.            1yr               5%                    100,000 – 999,999
  2.            2yrs             8%                    1M – 9M
  3.            5yrs             10%                  10M – 99M
  4.            10yrs            12%                 100M- 10B