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Mobile Pension intends to give all mobile users an opportunity to save for their retirement as they enjoy using their mobile phones. Anyone with a mobile SIM card can be a member and contributes towards a retirement package. Both employed and unemployed people will be encouraged to join into this program. There will be services such as retirement packages, health insurance, maternity allowances, Loans, housing, School fees, burial services, social gatherings, tours, and entrepreneurship trainings.

To be a member, one will need to register only once into life time opportunity. There will be an application form which will cost Tsh.50,000 a non refundable fees and a monthly contributions ranging from Tsh.10,000 – Tsh.500,000. Benefits will depend on the category registered under.

Category      Reg. Fees      Monthly Contributions                Benefits

  1.               30,000           Tsh.12,000                    Retirement Package (RP)
  2.               30,000           Tsh.20,000                   RP and Health Insurance Service (HIS)
  3.               40,000           Tsh.50,000                   RP,HIS, Maternity Allowance, Loan
  4.               50,000            Tsh.100,000                RP,HIS, MA, Loan, Piece of land
  5.                50,000           Tsh.200,000               RP, HIS, MA, Loan, Land, Housing
  6.               50,000           Tsh.500,000                 RP,HIS, MA, Loan, Land, Housing, S, Fees


Members will need to contribute for a minimum of five (5) years before enjoying the M-pension. If a member in category C,D,E, and F, contributes for 15 years and above he will be entitled to a monthly pension till death.