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Health issues are touching every home in one way or the other. Many researchers found that every human being in this modern world have visited where health services are offered. Unfortunately, sickness does not send an alarm before it attacks us. So many lives have been lost because of poor health service. Many cannot afford reasonable medical services due to high rate of poverty.

Mobile health app wants to bring a permanent solution to this challenge. If every family member can afford medical expenses then lives can restored.

There will be various classes under which members will register:


A                           Tsh.20,000                       Tsh.5,000

B                           Tsh.30,000                       Tsh.10,000

C                           Tsh.35,000                       Tsh.20,000

D                          Tsh.40,000                       Tsh.50,000


Medical service bills will be paid according to the class registered under.

In every hospital where our services are offered there will be our representative who will be doing the payments. Some medical services will be paid in advance to give a quick medical attention to our clienteles.