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If we ask any common man about the importance of education many sounding articles will be submitted within no time. Education has become the life trigger. An educated person is an asset for any family or country. In today’s world, human capital is considered to be the best national resources. 98% of the world’s families have got someone in school. Every country is doing her best to ensure better education is provided.

The most challenging thing in most Africans countries especially Tanzania, is to afford quality education in a better environment. Tuition fee has become a common determinant on what type of education is provided in a particular learning institution. The choice has remained entirely no economic status to decide the destiny of our education.

FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company is bringing a solution to this various. M-Education aim at providing tuition fee payment formula that is friendly to everyone. If you prepare in advance for your kids education you will even wish them to grow fast so that they can enjoy their education. Saving is the key ingredient into quality education. If you don’t earn much and you can barely pay your bills, the idea of saving money is laughable. But you have to start from somewhere, if you work at it; your financial situation is likely to improve with time. Saving money is worth the effort. It gives you peace of mind. Start saving for your children’s education now. This is the plan:

Class         Reg. Amt    Monthly Contributions  Interest paid        Time

  1.          10,000                           Tsh.20,000                      2%                        3yrs
  2.          20,000                           Tsh.30,000                      5%                        4yrs
  3.          20,000                           Tsh.50,000                      5%                        5yrs
  4.          20,000                           Tsh.100,000                    10%                     8yrs
  5.          20,000                           Tsh.200,000                    15%                     10yrs

At the maturity, fees will paid yearly directly to the learning institution/school or to the parents until the whole amount is done. There will be other payment options.