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At this digital era, mobile business has become part of human life. It won’t be long before all payments become entirely mobile. All smart businessmen and women are investment on mobile phones businesses. Mobile phones in today’s business, is not only a top priority option but the only option available to make up fast cash. Mobile money, not only enables people make payments in a mobile way but it also generates fast, smart cash in short period of time.

FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company seeing this opportunity has taken a step in seizing the opportunity in the mobile business arena.

The company has developed and app called Mobile Insurance Application (Miapp) that will bring an assurance and uplift people’s lives substantially. The app has five products which include: i) M-Health ii) M-Pension iii) M-Entrepreneurship iv) M-Education v) M-Savings. According to the data given by TCRA (Tanzania Communication Regulation Authority), Tanzania has more than 30 Millions mobile phone subscribers. A great business opportunity to us as a company in deed. Our service being unique in this locale, we have a wide range of market that we are going to explore greatly. The company has seen serious problems in the health, education, entrepreneurship and retirement plans in the country. The company has taken crucial steps to help solve these problems. The company will create an opportunity where people will secure health and education services in a predictable way. Many lives have been lost due to poor health facilities and this is because many cannot afford medical charges. On the other hand, education is another hell of its own. Over the last decade, only handful learners make it to the next education level. FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company will provide medical and education credit cards that will ensure that members are given quality services that otherwise will not be afforded.

FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company has competed founders who have paramount experience in cross cutting issues and in managing Mobile Technology matters. Mr. Enoch Mogendi has a master’s degree in Computer Science, Mr. Daniel Marwa has a bachelor degree in Education and a diploma in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Boniface Inyanda has a bachelor of science in IT, more specifically programming. These men are dedicated into this business to ensure that the company is focusing on its goals and objectives.

The company needs just Tsh.150,000,000 to start operating. We will start like a lending institution and on the way we will be registering all our customers into M-Health and M-Pension Plan. Tsh.100,000,000 will be used or lending while Tsh.50,000,000 will be deposited into various hospitals’ accounts as an advance payments for medical services.

The company’s projection is to register 1,000,000 members in the first 3 years from which we expect to make 3B Tanzanian shillings as a gross profit. Tsh.500,000,000 is required as the capital.