Compensation Plan

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You earn from every person you bring into your network. Since you are getting a life time customer who will register only once, you get a one – off points for registration. You then get monthly points from the providers – every time that person loads airtime. The income comes from the dealer’s margin of 10%, MIAPP buys airtime at 10% less. This 10% is what is being shared between you, your network and Miapp. The margin looks small, but with everyone loading airtime every day, every minute, you earn income 24/7 even when you are doing nothing.

You are able to track your income flow just by dialing a number or from FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS website.

Miapp provide detailed training that makes you see why you should own a business that earns good money. Miapp system allows you to generate profits otherwise you will not be making. Payment is based on a prescribed structure and calculation that the company shares with all distributors based on each distributor’s customers network size. Payments will be done virtually through SMS that advice you on the points that can be redeemed full in cash.