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Company overview

FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company was first started in 2008 and officially registered in 2013. The company started as a consultant firm, offering IT related services in Musoma Urban. The revenue at the time was growing at the rate of 30 to 40%.

Provide a health and education credit card to every family in Africa. We seek to build a competitive mobile money service by giving people of Africa an opportunity to make the right wealth generation choices. We understand that maintaining a proper income generation is difficulty in today’s fast-paced economy. Miapp combines fun and convenience with the benefits of staying economically healthy.

To be the hub of the mobile money technology through which life standards are made a whole. To provide money strategies and services, which delivers long term life benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The strategies evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, scalable, flexible, and allow the organizations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.

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Company History

  • 2008

    start with a small Business

    FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company was first started

  • 2013

    Officially registered

    FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS Company was first started in 2008 and officially registered

  • 20168

    Introducing Mobile App

    The company has come up with the following products which will benefit the mobile phone user greatly:
    I) M-Health
    II) M-Pension
    III) M-Entrepreneurship
    IV) M-Education
    V) M-Savings

We will operate on the basic principle of service to the customer above all else. Because we depend on our customers for business, we must ensure that they enjoy every aspect of each visit to our service. As FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS company ltd, we must capitalize on every opportunity to keep up with the changing trends in the mobile money offering the best service and environment will avoiding the pitfall of burning out. We must continually renew ourselves in order to give the customers a new experience each time they use our products.

This business is unique in the East Africa Community because it combines M-Health, M-Pension, M-Entrepreneurship, M-Education, and M-Saving to bring about the utmost convenience for the on-the-go Tanzania. Our competitive advantage will be the convenience we offer. We must be focusing on selling the convenience of our products and services in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition. All of our products are of high demand and carry the uniqueness needed by every mobile phone subscriber.

Three factors are crucial for building a successful mobile insurance app:
1) Effective, specialized workout programs designed to target individual members. – National Insurance Corporation (NIC), NSSF, and others do claim to have most effective health insurance workout insurance plan in the industry. FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS is determined to provide the best insurance package that will subdue all other providers by putting our customers at the centre of everything.
2) Membership in a community of the people, not just an app. – successful chains in the insurance industry include in their advertisements that joining their insurance means joing a group of people all striving for the same goals: a better self – image through personal health insurance and other insurance. We want to make a direct connection with members by solidifying their claims in the company.
3) Real – World Convenience. By increasing multiple locations, across the nation, FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS will push small investments among youths and women to make the impact of the Miapp felt. FASTTRACK ENTREPRENEURS will offer health services free to some of the non – members who are unable to register as charity.
Mobile insurance app will focus on using these techniques within an already established community to achieve success. By offering specialized workout facilities and top-notch personal training, we can guarantee our customers that they will receive the most valuable service from their membership.

The future outlook of the mobile insurance industry is optimistic. In the whole of EAC we want to be the best of the best. The rapid decline in health of so many Tanzanians and poor education sponsorship program both raises the importance of our well set regiment for all EAC members and increase the number of potential clients in the future. The ultimate goal is bring change in the poor health, education and life rates through proper funding.

Mobile Insurance seeks to make itself a leader in the health, pension, entrepreneurship, education and saving industries. We believe we can garner a large share of the market in our target area by combining the above five mentioned products in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mobile Insurance strives to become the family insurance specialist in the local and international community by providing customized, state-of-the art insurance facilities and education opportunities for its members. We strive to offer the best, most practical real-world insurance in the industry to accommodate the lifestyle demands of our clients. We will offer first class service at a reasonable price and avoid inconveniencing our clients by overselling memberships and overcrowding our facility. We will offer best training in the market as far entrepreneurship is concerned by finding the most capable trainers and paying them reasonably.

1) Each product will serve at least 100,000 clients a year, allowing for a total membership of more than 500,000 clients
2) Build a weekly seminar podium for willing clients to follow and make up a digital marketing which will benefit them greatly.